Carried out by employees

Blood donation campaigns: In 2017, 108 employees participated in the blood donation day. Their support has helped to contribute to this important social work that is channelled through the community blood and tissue centre

Caps for a life: CAPSA has helped to improve the quality of life of children with serious illnesses and scarce resources. In collaboration with the SEUR Foundation, this campaign was started years ago. In 2017, 3180 kilograms were donated, which went to the Isan Campaign, helping to provide access to rehabilitation therapies.

Almost 1000 more kilograms of caps were also collected, this time donated to the Friends of Galicia Association.

Support to children and families to meet basic food needs, donating almost 14,000 kilolitres of product to the No Child Without Dinner NGO.

Charity Books: in 2017, a new initiative was launched for Book Day, which entailed collecting books in all work centres and whose target entities were: Friends of Galicia in the Lugo and Villagarcía centres, library for homeless people in the Cana Mata centre (Oviedo), Living Book Project in the Park of Life (Asturias).

The charity: disused mobile collection campaign, in collaboration with AEMPI, the Association for People with Mitochondrial Disease. The funds raised go to research into mitochondrial disease.