Encouraging healthy habits


A good diet is key to people staying healthy, according to a healthy lifestyle, that is why CAPSA develops various programmes and campaigns to promote health.

Through various educational activities, CAPSA promotes knowledge about a good diet and the importance of physical activity as fundamental elements for a healthier population.


“Dairy Day at School” was held in September 2017, an initiative organised by InLac (Milk Interprofessional Organisation) that encompasses the entire dairy sector. For another year, CAPSA has supported this initiative developed in ten Spanish cities.

In collaboration with the Cholesterol Association, CAPSA also participated in “healthy breakfasts” in different schools in Avilés, reaching 300 children. It also collaborated with several schools in Asturias, teaching the following activities:

  • “HEALTHY FOOD IN CHILDHOOD” talks, aimed at children in first, second and third grade at primary school with the aim of improving their eating habits.
  • “SPORTS-NUTRITION” talks aimed at parents and children, with the aim of improving their eating habits.


For another year, CAPSA collaborated with the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA) on “Smart Food Days”, this year held in Salamanca. The proposed teaching activity provided reliable and contrasted information to interested citizens, as well as to patients, their families and caregivers.


Also, in collaboration with the Cholesterol Guild, “Healthy Living” days

were held for Grupo DAORJE, a group of companies whose activity is carried out in the industrial and environmental sectors. These days consist of heart-healthy breakfast, along with a talk on healthy habits taught by nutrition specialists.

Along the same line, and within the Spanish circuit of the Runners’ Trade Show, CAPSA had a Personalised Nutritional Care stand before the race



A. “Take care of your health by learning how to eat well”.

For another year, CAPSA developed the “Take care of your health by learning how to eat well” programme for employees and family members. In 2017, it was carried out in the Granda and Lugo factories.

It is a four-month programme developed within the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies, in which healthy lifestyles are fostered among the company’s employees and their families.

This year, the following activities were consolidated:

  • WEEKLY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Weekly classes taught by a qualified professional in physical activity and sports sciences. Every week, participants also received physical “type” activity sessions by email. The goal was to provide more resources to put into practice in leisure time.
  • NUTRITIONAL COACHING. Personalised service attended by dietetics and nutrition professionals through WhatsApp. The objective was to provide participants with another communication channel to answer questions raised in the weekly consultations.
  • CONSOLIDATING THE DIETARY GUIDELINES. Providing support sheets on different topics to complement the menus.
    More than 71% of participants have improved their eating habits positively.

B. “Healthy Carnival” and “Healthy Christmas”.

Within the “CAPSA, Healthy People” activities, the children of the Granda factory workers enjoyed a breakfast and healthy food with a menu supervised by the Department of Nutrition, along with a small talk and a cooking workshop on basic nutrition concepts.

C. Nutrition Day.

In order to support all actions aimed at promoting healthy habits among the population, CAPSA collaborates with FESNAD on National Nutrition Day. This year the motto was “This year, let’s get out in the garden”, taking the opportunity to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption and offering employees different vegetable juices and smoothies made with natural fruit and semi-skimmed milk.



These visits are intended for health professionals so that they can find out about CAPSA’s products and their benefits, talk about them to their patients and encourage the need to eat a healthy diet to prevent diseases.

Throughout 2017, the importance of dairy consumption as a fundamental part of a healthy diet was reinforced. In addition, a specific “site” for functional products was created for professionals so that they can download scientific and technical information about the products and request product samples.

The number of visits increased by 11% compared to previous years, with 9340 visits in total and all of them in the field of Primary Care (health centres). The distribution of professionals who visited was: 75% Family doctors and 25% Nurses.



Lecheynutricion website

LECHEYNUTRITION SITE. This space dedicated to NUTRITION was incorporated into the corporate website this year. It is focused on consumers as well as on professionals in the field of health. It aims to offer information, tips and useful tools to foster a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is a dynamic space that is constantly updated and dedicated to news of interest for consumers and for professionals. Recipes and menus are updated monthly according to age or specific needs. There is also an entire space dedicated to dairy products that highlights the benefits that dairy products offer for caring for health through verified scientific studies. Professionals have private access and can use the Nutrition tool to configure a balanced diet for their patients quickly and simply.

The number of visits to the new Nutrition site during 2017 was: 73,173

Nutritional service

During 2017, this service responded to 1,584 enquiries about general and specific health and nutrition related issues.

  • The queries made through the Nutritional Service increased by 3.7% compared to 2016.
  • Consumer satisfaction with respect to the Nutritional Service is 9.31 points out of a maximum of 10.

C. Conferences

During 2017, CAPSA participated in different medical and nutritional society conferences and in several scientific conferences. It is worth mentioning the 39th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN) held in Granada, given the importance and number of professionals attending (5,000 doctors).

Otros congresos:

  • 2nd Autonomic Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). February 2017, Murcia.
  • 10th Conference of the Community Nursing and Primary Care Associations Federation (FAECAP). April 2017, Toledo.
  • 5th National Conference of Chronic Patients of the Spanish Primary Care Doctors Society (SEMERGEN). May 2017, Pontevedra.
  • 52nd Conference of the Andalusian Cardiology Society (SAC). May 2017, Cádiz.
  • 12th Andalusian Conference of the Spanish Primary Care Doctors Society (SEMERGEN). May 2017, Almería.
  • 1st International Conference and Tenth Spanish Deans of Nursing Conference. October 2017, Granada.
  • 31st National Congress of the Spanish Paediatric Outpatients and Primary Health Care Society -SEPEAP. October 2017, Santander.
  • 39th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). October 2017, Granada.
  • 13th Autonomic Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). November 2017, Cantabria.



  • 5th Andalusian Multidisciplinary Meeting on Managing Patients with Cardiometabolic Diseases. March 2017, Salamanca.
  • Annual meeting of the Cardiology Section of the Spanish Cardiology Society (SEC). April 2017, Malaga.
  • 21st International Conference on Practical Nutrition. April 2017, Madrid.
  • 9th National Cardiovascular Conference of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Doctors (SEMERGEN). May 2017, Gerona.
  • 1st Heart Failure Day for patients and caregivers. September 2017, Oviedo.



The Extraordinary Chair of the Complutense University of Madrid and Central Lechera Asturiana on Research and Training in Nutrition and Education for Health has played a key role, giving rise to several round tables in national conferences such as the 39th National Conference of the Spanish Primary Care Doctors Society (SEMERGEN) and the 21st Practical Nutrition Days within the 10th International Conference on food, nutrition and dietetics (SEDCA). For another year, CAPSA supported the work of nutritional research and promoting scientific evidence among the professional group related to health and nutrition through the “Hippocrates International Award for Human Nutrition”. In 2017, the award went to Dr Dolores Corella Piquer for “A new omic marker increases the scientific evidence in the relationship between milk consumption and cardiovascular health”. As a sponsor of this award, Central Lechera Asturiana shows the link that the company maintains with the world of disclosure.