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Shareholders information

Shareholder structure


Governance bodies

  • Board of Directors:

Chairman: Bertino Velasco Torre
Secretary: Javier Roza Manzano


  • Members:

Germán Marcos Fernández
María Angeles González Cueto
Delfín Pérez García
Dámaso Alberto Alvarez Rodríguez
Faustino Rodríguez Medina
José Ramón Badiola García
Jordi Mercader Miró
Jean Larmande
Norteña Patrimonial, S.L as represented by José Manuel Agüera Sirgo
Sierra del Acebo, S.L  as represented by D. Jesús Ruano Mochales
Fernando Díaz-Caneja Alonso


  • Steering Committee:

General Manager: D. José Armando Tellado Nogueira
Director of Consumer Products: Mrs. María García Fernández
Sales, Food Service Manager: D. Mariano Jiménez Braojos
Director of Marketing, Research and Development and Innovation (R&D&I): Mr. Juan Povedano Marcos
Finance and IT Systems Manager: Dª Charo Suárez Fernández
Director of Operations: Mr. Pere Joan Massó
Director of Legal Services and Internal Auditing: Manuel Morales
Director of Human Resources and Excellence – EFQM: Mr. Andrés Vega Artime
Department of Industrial Organization and Efficiency: José Manuel Flórez
Department of Dairy Resources: Florencio Rodríguez

Information on shareholder meetings

Company shareholders can find general and specific information here on each general meeting, as well as on the call for the annual general meeting, the company’s financial statements and any other matter which may be of interest.


Shareholders Annual General Meeting 2014


Call General Meeting 2013


Call Extraordinary General Meeting  January 2014


Merger of the entities Lácteos Zarzalejo S.L. and Innova Food Ingredientes IFI, S.A.



Investee companies: