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With 8% higher sales this year, CAPSA FOOD has continued to grow in volume and market share for the third consecutive year in the Mass Consumption and in Food Service markets for liquid milk, cream and butter, plant-based drinks and cheese, strengthening its leadership and extending it in relation to its competitors.

In terms of results, there was a substantial increase in EBITDA, which stands at 37,386 thousand euros (2016: 35,020 thousand euros) and in the profit for the year: 15,120 thousand euros (2016: 13,647 thousand euros). EBITDA is calculated from the operating income before interest , tax expenses, decreases in value due to depreciation, amortisation and other results.

Finally, the financial position remains firm with a positive Net Financial Debt of 23,044 thousand euros and a Working Capital Fund of 75,764 thousand euros.


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