Ethics-based corporate governance

CAPSA FOOD is firmly dedicated to integrating the expectations of all stakeholders – consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, public and social institutions, unions and society in general – so that it can reconcile interests that do not always concur.
This commitment came about through the public signing of the company’s Code of Ethics, by its Board of Directors and Steering Committee, which is maintained current by permanent improvement.
All of the company’s actions are guided by the five principles of its code of ethics:


With the approval of this code, CAPSA FOOD continues to advance towards excellence with a decided step forward in its ethical commitment, taking on new social challenges and aiming to involve all stakeholder groups in them: farmers and shareholders, consumers, alliances, employees and society.
Download the CAPSA FOOD code of ethics




With the implementation in 2015 of the Crime Prevention and Detection Protocol, the company aims to ensure its behaviour meets the ethical expectations that society demands from it. The intention of this protocol is to develop the company’s values, set forth in the code of ethics, thereby involving all members of CAPSA FOOD.

CAPSA FOOD seeks collaboration from all of its workers and the environment it works in in order to develop this code. Any interested party, whether a CAPSA FOOD worker or a person who is familiar with the ethical commitment assumed by this code, may denounce any irregularity that its non-compliance may imply.

To this end, the company has established a new communication channel for stakeholders: the Ethical Channel, where they can propose, with the highest guarantee of confidentiality and personal data protection, any concern, observation or complaint related to the company’s ethical behaviour, inviting them to participate in the important work of constantly perfecting its conduct.

Compliance of the commitments assumed in this code is controlled by CAPSA FOOD Legal Services Management and Internal Auditing, in its capacity of being responsible for Penal Compliance, and by HR Management. CAPSA FOOD maintains an up-to-date procedure for processing complaints received that guarantees confidentiality of the complaint at all times and enables the interested party to follow up and provides a system for recording and archiving them.

Conditions of use:
This form is only used for attending to notifications and complaints related to the ethical behaviour of CAPSA FOOD and possible breaches of its code of ethics.

At all times the confidentiality of the complaint is guaranteed and negative measures are not taken against the persons who contribute to compliance of the company’s commitments by formulating this complaint.

The personal data provided is processed solely and exclusively for the investigation into the complaint and only the person responsible for Penal Compliance who is responsible for the processing shall have access to it.