Supporting our farmers

CAPSA FOOD HAS BEEN CREATED WITH A CLEAR OBJECTIVE: To support the Spanish farming sector, fostering professionalism in its activities in order to obtain quality milk.
In 2014 CAPSA FOOD collected 885.19 million litres of milk, all of it with origin in Spain, meeting 14% of the milk quota assigned to this country. Additionally, the company’s contribution to the dairy farming sector was 431 million euros, which is 16% of the economic contribution to the sector in terms of production.



Thanks to the company’s activity, around 7,300 people work in the Spanish farming sector, which is 48% of all jobs generated by CAPSA. The other sectors in which many jobs are created include the food industry, wholesale commerce and intermediaries, road transport, etc.


CAPSA FOOD has a human team of almost 100 technicians, trained by the CLAS Farming Services Unit, by the Asturias Agriculture and Fisheries Services Society (ASA) and by the Farmers’ Business Advice (ASEAGRO) entity, as well as an extensive team of experts in bovine medicine from the Asturias Principality.


The company provides different services in Galicia and in Catalonia that enable farmers to guarantee quality milk and provides advice to farmers so that they have the highest technical level. In 2014 the ATO milk farms obtained the certificate of Animal Well-being, which credits that they comply with the requirements of the AENOR Animal Well-being model developed together with IRTA (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology) belonging to the Catalonia Regional Government and pursuant to the Welfare Quality® European protocol.