Encouraging healthy habits

The CAPSA FOOD maxim: The health and quality of life of consumers
At CAPSA FOOD and in its Nutrition and Health area, the company continues to focus efforts on developing strategies that help to improve people’s health by developing health promotion programmes and campaigns.
The company is committed to healthy habits
It is concerned about health and focuses efforts on developing strategies that help to improve people’s quality of life.
It fosters initiatives aimed at educating people about the importance of good diet and physical activity.


Healthy heart breakfasts
For another year, CAPSA FOOD has collaborated on this nutritional education project, which is a result of a collaboration with the Cholesterol Guild and the Avilés Ministry for Education, delivered by Dr Jesús Bernardo, a member of the Spanish Olympic Committee Nutrition Commission.
Healthy diet seminars
In collaboration with the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA).


Health projects with schools
CAPSA FOOD wants children to learn to eat healthily and exercise regularly and thereby achieve optimal physical and psychological development and avoid the possible risk factors of certain long-term diseases.


Intelligent diet day
With the aim of achieving a better diet.


Hippocrates International Award
Created to reward work about human nutrition, this sponsor ratifies the company’s commitment to the world of scientific promotion.



Nutritional service
Aimed at consumers, the company has responded to more than 1,000 queries via the consumer service telephone number, e-mail and social networks.


Medical Congresses
In 2014 CAPSA FOOD attended more than 20 conferences held throughout Spain including: 36th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Health Care Doctors (SEMERGEN) in Bilbao, the 28th National Congress of the Spanish Paediatric Outpatients and Primary Health Care Society SEPEAP, held in Valencia and the 15th National Conference of the A Coruña Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, among others.
Visits to health professionals
Providing awareness about the company’s products and their benefits to health professionals. In 2014, 7,772 visits were made, which is 10.62% more than in previous years.


Complutense University of Madrid
The Complutense University of Madrid Extraordinary Chair – Asturias Dairy Centre, created for research and training on nutrition and health education has been key this year with the creation of the consensus study on the nutritional and metabolic importance of milk.
Milkfit App
Mobile application that combines health and nutrition, sports and fun.


Offers information and tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.