We contribute to the preservation of the environment

Environmental preservation if one of our priorities, and this is the reason for which we keep on investing on this activity. Throughout three years we have invested over 2 milion Euro, which means an annual investment of 700,000 €.
Also, our annual expense on the protection of the environment amounts to 5.2 milion Euro.




We are aware that water is a source of life. For this reason, we have reduced by 3 per cent our water ratio (L of water/L of milk) and have reached a ratio of 3.07 (L of water/L of Milk). We have therefore achieved the goal set for the current year.
We continue to improve our waste-water treatment processes, which has helped minimize the impact of our dumping, which now is a quality better than the authorised one by 55%.
All the energy we consume Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certified.
In 2015 we developed an on-line follow-up platform, which enables us to track the consumption and analyse the performances for each process.



-3% litre of water/litre of milk / -7% gas kWh/litre of milk / 100% purchase of renewable energies / +55% higher quality of treated water / -5% total natural gas consumption
Throughout the last 3 years we have reduced by 5 per cent our overall ratio of natural gas consumption, by 7 per cent the ratio boiler gas KWh per litre of milk and we have kept constant the consumption of electric energy with a ratio of 0.1 kWh/litre of milk.
We generate ourselves 95 per cent of both the thermal and electric energy we consume thanks to our trigeneration facilities. It is an energy certified with a guarantee of origin of high efficiency by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC, Comisión Nacional de Mercados y Competencia).


We promote sustainable mobility by sharing initiatives such as rail and sea transport with other partners.
Only by using the train as a mean of transportation, around 1,600 trailers are no longer used, and we have reduced CO2 by 1,426 metric tons.
We optimise road routes with GPS technology, which means substantial savings in fuel for the collection of raw milk. Besides, our employees receive training on efficient driving.

Around 88 per cent of our waste can be recycled. Only 0.21 per cent of them are considered hazardous residues.
About 74 per cent of the sewage sludge produced by us, about 9,400 metric tons, has been used as fuel for biogas plants, whilst the rest of the residues has been applied for agricultural purposes and for the manufacturing of fertilizers.


We collaborate with Universities, technical institutions and other entities for the Research and Development of projects for innovation.
We participate in the LIFE ECOLAC project, together with the technological centre AZTI, FENIL and the software company INGENET. We are currently developing a tool that is capable of analysing the environmental impact of milk industry on different indicators such as the carbon footprint, the water footprint, the potential for the destruction of the ozone layer and the loss of biodiversity.


  • Gold Award in the Spanish Week for Sustainable Mobility, in the category of Entities, Establishments and Companies; granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
  • First finalist in the second edition of the R. Ecoembes prizes, in the category of Best Entrepreneurial Initiative in Eco-Design.
  • Honourable Mention for the best trajectory in the field of renewables, saving and energy efficiency; granted by ENERAGEN.